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Colborne Street West Reconstruction: QA Geotechnical Construction Services

Three-Phase Reconstruction for Street in Lindsay, Ontario

PRI Engineering was retained by the City of Kawartha Lakes to complete the construction geotechnical services during a three-phase reconstruction project on the Colborne Street West Corridor in Lindsay, Ontario. As the sole geotechnical contractor on behalf of the city, PRI is responsible for all Quality Assurance for the duration of phase one of the infrastructure project.

In 2019, the city completed the environmental studies, preliminary designs, and plans for the Colborne Street West Reconstruction project. PRI joined the project during the first phase of the Colborne Street West Reconstruction Project that started in April 2020. Located between William Street North and Adelaide Street North, the project was deemed an essential infrastructure project during COVID-19 because of the scope of work and continued as planned during shutdowns across Ontario. The project will replace watermains, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and make general intersection improvements. Phase two is set to begin in Spring 2022, with an estimated completion near the end of that year.

PRI’s Scope of Work: QA Geotechnical Services

PRI is responsible for Quality Assurance during the construction of the first phase. Quality Assurance includes ensuring compliance to project specifications, performing materials testing of concrete (curb and sidewalk), granular road subbase and base, and asphalt compaction testing.

Project Compliance for QA during Construction

In phase one, PRI Engineering is responsible for ensuring project compliance with the construction materials specifications generally as per the Ontario Provincial Standards Specifications (OPSS 310 and OPSS 1010). Respectively, they govern the standards for hot asphalt mix and aggregates.

Geotechnical QA Construction Testing

Materials testing during construction is crucial to the long-term durability of the project and ensures the finished project will perform as expected over its design life. For the Colborne Street West Reconstruction project, PRI Engineering is responsible for testing the trench backfill, roadway materials, and surface materials.

Concrete Testing

PRI Engineering checked fresh concrete for temperature, identified the slump, air content, and cast compressive strength specimens for testing per CSA A23.1/.2. These physical property tests ensure the durability of the concrete under future loading.

Granular Road Structure Density and Moisture Conditions

For the granular road structure, PRI Engineering used a Nuclear densitometer test per ASTM D6938 to measure its density and moisture content to ultimately determine if the compaction efforts are adequate when compared to the laboratory determined standard Proctor maximum dry density (SPMDD) as determined by ASTMD698.

Asphalt Compaction Testing

PRI tested the asphalt compaction and submitted samples for laboratory testing. Our inspectors verified asphalt thickness and submitted samples for laboratory testing, specifically to determine full Marshall compliance as per ASTM D6927.

Phase two is expected to begin in Spring 2022 and will extend the infrastructure upgrades from phase one along Colborne Street between Adelaide Street North and Charles Street.

For Lindsay, Ontario, a city of just over 20,000, the Colborne Street West Reconstruction project is a significant infrastructure project for the local area. PRI Engineering is excited about working with the City of Kawartha Lakes on this project.

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