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PRI Engineering Finds a New Home in Lindsay, Ontario

By June 25, 2020September 16th, 2020News

As experts in soil mechanics, it only makes sense that PRI Engineering (PRI) has established their main office in Lindsay. The area is both one of the most geologically diverse areas of Ontario due to the proximity to the Kawartha Lakes, and in need of local professional engineers to provide consulting services for developers, construction companies, and civil engineers.

Geotechnical engineering looks at the interaction between structures and the ground. “Until we start building on air, there will be a need for geotechnical engineers,” says Arash Yazdani – the Director of Engineering for PRI, and a local resident.

The company was founded in Mississauga, Ontario with a client base largely concentrated in design for solar developments in northern climates not traditionally considered as ideal for solar energy. They have since broadened their client base to provide services across multiple industries, including more general civil and environmental engineering, material testing, and construction inspection services. This was made possible by the expansive experiences and history of PRI’s current employees in other industries and markets.

Until we start building on air, there will be a need for geotechnical engineers

Arash Yazdanithe Director of Engineering for PRI

In many ways, Lindsay is a good fit for PRI – but PRI is also a good fit for the surrounding community. In 2019, Yazdani facilitated an engineering challenge for I.E. Weldon and St. Thomas, two local high schools in Lindsay. The event aimed to teach aspiring engineers and technologists about the types of issues the industry is currently facing, such as dealing with changes in tight schedules, multiple design constraints, and of course construction budgets.

Being involved with the community in Lindsay is important to PRI because community input in engineering related matters is important to the industry – nearly everything we interact with daily has passed through the lens of an engineer at some point.

Lindsay is also home to most of PRI’s employees which allows them to reduce their costs and serve the community better and more efficiently. The company has developed a specialized, lean method of providing more information than a traditional engineering company by offering multiple services under one roof, making them an ideal fit for projects with constrained budgets due to COVID-19.

With all these reasons and more, PRI Engineering is excited to be officially based in Lindsay and continues to actively participate in the surrounding community through supporting local business development and providing meaningful opportunities for mentorship and employment.