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Arman has been with PRI Engineering since its inception in 2020, moving over from the sister company, Polar Racking. Recently, he received a promotion to Alberta Regional Manager, heading up operations in Western Canada.

Background Experience

Arman came into geotechnical engineering organically influenced by his older brother and an internship he completed in high school for a large engineering consulting company (GENIVAR which is now WSP). There he first developed a taste for field work (and hard work – if you ask a geotechnical engineer, almost all of them will admit to crushing clay for materials testing in one of their first jobs – Arman was not special in this sense.

After he completed his Civil Engineering diploma at Conestoga College, Arman immediately started work as a Civil Engineering Technologist for WSP in Ontario in part time role. The search for full-time work led him to British Columbia, where he worked as a surveyor for Vanbower Construction company assigned to a road realignment project as part of the Site C Hydropower Project. Once back again to Ontario, he eventually landed at Panasonic Eco Solar Solutions, his first stint assisting in the construction of solar energy projects and formative for his future work at PRI Engineering. There he worked as a Lead Surveyor, outside which is where he “loves to be.”

It’s no surprise that Arman has found himself drawn to field work. In his spare time, he can be found more often active, playing sports, and outside than at home. One of the main attractions of Calgary were the mountains where he can pursue rock climbing, skiing and even take up mountain biking.

“The personal connection is what I like best about small companies. When you work so close together, you have to move in harmony.”

– Arman Yazdani

Role at PRI Engineering

PRI Engineering recently opened its Calgary location and Arman has been a key player in setting up the location, including relocating from Lindsay, Ontario. As the Regional Alberta Manager, he is responsible for coordinating field work and testing for solar projects in Western Canada in addition to supporting operations at the head office.

Key Ingredient of Company Success: Connection

For Arman, the key ingredient to a company’s success is having an “actual connection with the employees you work with.”  If you know what everybody does, then you can amplify their strengths and work with their weaknesses. The “personal connection is what I like best about small companies,” says Arman. “When you work so close together, you have to move in harmony.”