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PRI Spotlight: Lucas Pitta

By June 9, 2022April 24th, 2023Articles, News, Our Team

Lucas Pitta is a Civil Engineer by background with an MBA in Project Management, and describes himself as a curious learner, always looking for multiple angles of a problem. When a study abroad program brought him to Toronto, Lucas fell in love with Canada and, exam after exam, achieved his Engineering Intern status with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and moved to Toronto.

Background Experience

Lucas uncovered a talent for teaching when he was invited to teach as a visiting professor at Projeção College in Brazil. Teaching allowed Lucas to inspire and encourage new learners to think critically and to be creative problem solvers. He maintains these principles of collaboration and performance management in his work as an engineer.

In his previous role at Element Forensic Engineering, Lucas wore many hats, conducting investigations and site measuring of damaged buildings, and preparing scope of restoration and reconstruction. It was naturally an easy transition to move into the geotechnical field for Lucas, bringing with him a niched set of skills easily adaptable to the geotechnical space.

Lucas Pitta - Geotechnical Engineer in Training (EIT)

Role at PRI Engineering

At PRI Engineering, Lucas joins a talented team as a Geotechnical Engineer in Training (EIT). He will be responsible for assisting project managers in preparation of proposals and reports, supervising pile installations onsite, leading load test programs, designing foundations, and implementing construction QA/QC inspections.

Key Ingredients of Company Success

“I’m thrilled to be joining the PRI team,” says Lucas. “There is an element to geotechnical engineering that is a bit like solving a puzzle. You must gather all the relevant information before applying the correct solution, and it is this thought process that I find simultaneously challenging and exhilarating.”

Outside of the workday, Lucas enjoys spending time with his one-and-a-half-year-old son by taking him on hikes at local trails. It is never too early to expose the younger generation to the world of rocks and soil.