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PRI Spotlight: Matt Bird

By March 7, 2022April 24th, 2023Articles, Our Team

Matt Bird is a Field Specialist with our team at PRI Engineering. As a Field Specialist, Matt wears several different hats and is responsible for carrying out tests, assessments, and other types of geotechnical inspections.

Background Experience

Matt is originally from Bobcaygeon, a small town on the Trent-Severn Waterway in the City of Kawartha. When we say small town, we mean small town. Bobcaygeon is home to roughly 3,500 people and is a popular tourist destination during the warmer seasons. Matt found his way to Lindsay upon completing his studies at Flemingdon College in Ecosystems Management and started his career at Golder Associates (now part of WSP), doing testing and inspections for large civil engineering projects.

Role at PRI Engineering

When asked about what drew him to our team at PRI, he calmly replied that he saw PRI as a new and up-and-coming company with immense potential for growth. He explained that he felt more at ease with the PRI team and acknowledged good leadership that made him feel valued and challenged. Oftentimes, dealing with contractors and or logistics can add to the challenges of the day-to-day flow. The ability to navigate these challenges and come up with creative solutions are necessary skills for this role. Furthermore, ensuring that contractors are building according to the engineer’s designs, identifying variable soil conditions and the suitability for the proposed foundation(s), coordinating operations, all are a part of the day’s activities.

“Collaboration, clarity, expertise, and most importantly, friendship, are the key drivers behind each project’s success.”

Key Ingredients of Company Success

Matt attributes the company’s success to an effective team. Collaboration, clarity, expertise, and most importantly, friendship, are the key drivers behind each project’s success. As for aspiring geotechnical experts, Matt advises being prepared. Be prepared to take on new challenges as each day feels very different from the day before. There is a lot of detective work involved, working backwards, and following clues to identify what the issue may be and where it has originated from. Building relationships is also a critical part of the job as these collaborations increase productivity and overall efficiency of tasks, not just with your internal team but with the clients and subcontractors.

When Matt isn’t busy carrying out inspections and geotechnical tests, he is a full-time father of three. His hobbies include ice fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and various princess-related activities for his three daughters.

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