Construction Inspection Services

Quality is PRI Engineering’s priority. Our professional construction inspection services, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control monitoring put project owners and investors at ease. Our rigorous engineering standards and results-driven approach to problem solving helps de-risk project management, so that the project is completed in a timely manner and on budget.

Ensuring the construction proceeds according to the design specifications is as important as geotechnical investigations. Our experienced onsite inspectors verify design, supervise contractors, conduct non-destructive testing supervision, control documents and documentation, in addition to customized reporting.

We specialize in inspection services for the following construction works:

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Subgrade Construction Inspection

PRI Engineering’s subgrade inspection ensures that the best practices for subgrade preparation are followed to help increase the structural capacity of the soil.

What is a subgrade inspection?

Our project supervisor inspects the condition of the subgrade and directs any necessary corrective actions to ensure the subgrade is well-compacted and uniform.

Subgrade Inspection includes:

  • Compares compaction to design specifications and standard engineering practices
  • Uniformity of the surface, free from pockets, voids, rocks, ruts, ice and frost lumps
  • Proper facilitation of water drainage through grading and / or diversion ditches
  • Bedding layer thickness and compaction or geotextile


Our project supervisors are on hand to verify that all the proper steps were followed from beginning to end in accordance with design specification and quality control standards.

What is a concrete foundation inspection?

The concrete foundation inspection covers as much of the installation as needed. Starting with verification of raw materials, then the placement and tension of rebar, form, dimensions and placement of the concrete, and ending with the final inspection of the curing and finishing operations.

  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Post-tensioned concrete tendon inspection and stress monitoring
  • Pour footing inspections
  • Onsite curing and finishing testing

Asphalt Inspection

When conducting an asphalt inspection, our project supervisor reviews the condition of the paving onsite and identifies any non-conforming work, anticipating problems where possible, and recommending corrective action.

What is an asphalt paving inspection?

Our project supervisor inspects the installation and asphaltic concrete to ensure conformity with specifications and engineering best practices.

  • Materials testing, onsite mixing and gradation
  • Stability testing
  • Placement of asphaltic concrete

Slope Stability Analysis and Inspection

Slope stability analysis ensures the safe design of constructed or natural slopes to assess the risk of failure by sliding or collapsing.

What is a slope stability analysis?

To conduct an analysis and inspection of the slope stability, our project supervisor reviews the slope conditions, evaluates any toe erosions, and analyzes the groundwater and soil parameters. We analyze the following types of slopes:

  • Backfill monitoring
  • Excavated slopes
  • Natural slopes
  • Dams
  • Embankments

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Common Questions on Construction Inspection

We have collected the following common questions to assist you in determining the scope and requirements of the construction services you need.

What does a foundation construction inspection report include?

We can conduct Quality Assurance, Quality Control or both during the construction of foundations. We allow the design specifications of the project and the scope of our presence on the project to determine the report.

How long does a construction inspection report take?

Construction inspections can last the duration of the project construction and reports will be submitted according to the specifications of the project. For example, Quality Control of a solar project may consist of daily reports and reports triggered by events onsite.

What are the benefits of construction inspections?

Construction inspections give project owners and investors peace mind, knowing that the construction will meet design specifications and quality standards as set by professional engineers. The detailed and customized reporting provide transparency, giving you a full view as to the quality of work being performed.

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