Our team strives to add value to your project and serve local communities. With over 100 years’ combined experience in some of the largest engineering firms globally, we have the expertise and knowledge to serve our clients better and build stronger communities.

Arash Yazdani, P.Eng.

Chief Operating Officer

Arash Yazdani is the Chief Operating Officer of Engineering Services at Canadian Company PRI Engineering. He is a designated professional engineer and has been working in the field of geotechnical engineering for over ten years specializing in solar foundation design. Licensed as an engineer in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Yukon Territories, Nunavut/Northwest Territories and British Columbia. Read the full bio »

Vikki Gledhill, P.Eng.

Laboratory Manager

Vikki Gledhill is a Geotechnical Engineer with PRI Engineering. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University. Her experience includes project coordination, geotechnical studies, environmental site assessments and remediation, materials testing and inspections, and reporting. Read the full bio »

Gregory Kuepfer, P.Eng.

Program Manager - Geotechnical Engineering

Gregory Kuepfer is a Geotechnical Engineer with PRI Engineering. He has completed a Bachelor of Engineering Science with a Professional Internship in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Geology at Western University. Read the full bio »

Jelica Mendoza, P.Eng.

Program Manager – Solar

Jelica Mendoza is a registered professional engineer in Ontario and has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science & Engineering in Geological Engineering with professional internship and a Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering with Geoengineering Specialization at Queen’s University. Read the full bio »

Roxy Jilesen

Operations Manager

Roxy Jilesen has over ten years of experience in the fields of geotechnical engineering, materials testing and inspecting, hydrogeology, and environmental site assessment. Her experience includes project management, project coordination, field investigations, data compilation and reporting. Read the full bio »

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