Arman Yazdani, RSO

Alberta Regional Manager

Arman Yazdani is PRI’s Alberta Regional Manager who will contribute equally to the field component of the project in addition to the project management and coordination. Arman possess a holistic understanding of the construction process having spent significant time in the lab, field and office supporting PRI projects.

Arman holds an advanced Civil Engineering Technology Diploma from Conestoga College. His professional experience spans many industries, provinces and disciplines including geotechnical surface and subsurface investigations, material testing and inspections, geodetic surveys for layouts, volumetric estimations, design input and as-builts. He is also an experienced drafter and is PRI’s Radiation Safety Officer and Laboratory Supervisor.

Arman has assisted in two Type Q CCIL concrete laboratory set ups. Most recently with PRI Engineering Corp. (2020) in Lindsay, Ontario and Genivar (2014) in Timmins, Ontario, and is currently in the process of setting up a third laboratory in Calgary, Alberta (2022). He has extensive expertise of testing concrete both in lab and field. Arman specifically has extensive experience on-site of solar facilities acting as an inspector or supervising design field investigations for foundation and grading design.

Arman Yazdani