Vikki Gledhill, P.Eng.

Laboratory Manager

Vikki Gledhill is a Geotechnical Engineer with PRI Engineering. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University. Her experience includes project coordination, geotechnical studies, environmental site assessments and remediation, materials testing and inspections, and reporting. Her career has been focused on wind energy projects, solar projects, and large municipal infrastructure projects (including City of Toronto Capital Works projects). She is experienced in coordinating geotechnical services including compaction and concrete testing, inspections, drilling supervision including coring, and laboratory soils testing.

Her current role includes Laboratory Manager and Supervising Professional for the CCIL Type Q (Basic Concrete) and Type C (Aggregate Quality Control) laboratory. Her responsibilities include those outlined in CSA A283, including, but not limited to monthly and yearly sign off for laboratory operations, performing semi-annual reviews with technicians, and ensuring equipment is within tolerance. Vikki is responsible for reporting all aggregate and concrete test results to clients.

Vikki Gledhill