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PRI Engineering Brings on Water Inspection Expert

By November 6, 2020July 13th, 2022Construction Inspection, Our Team, Press Releases

Andrew Atkinson-Clements joins PRI Engineering fully licensed for water, wastewater inspection, contract administration, and solar installation.

After spending 13 years with the City of Kawartha Lakes within civil engineering, Andrew Atkinson-Clements joins PRI Engineering, adding his valuable knowledge and experience, especially in wastewater inspection, to the engineers’ growing team.

Atkinson-Clements specializes in Environmental Technology and Field/Lab work. Accomplished in his field, he holds all four Ministry of Environment (MOE) Water and Wastewater Licenses and has overseen large projects to monitor and improve facilities:
Andrew Atkinson-Clements

  1. MOE Wastewater Treatment Level 1
  2. MOE Wastewater Collection Level 2
  3. MOE Water Distribution and Supply Level 3
  4. MOE Water Treatment Level 3
  5. C.Tech Certification with OACETT
  6. Road Construction Junior Inspector (RCJI) Designation

With the extensive water and wastewater licenses that Atkinson-Clements brings to the table, PRI Engineering will expand its capacity and soon provide both inspection and geotechnical engineering services in this field.

Atkinson-Clements’ years of experience in Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC) and Contract Administration will extend PRI’s capacity to take on new and larger projects. His experience in all three came from working on large capital projects for urban reconstruction, water and wastewater system upgrades, overseeing upgrades and replacements of pumps or chlorine systems, for example. At PRI, a part of his role will include responsibility for monitoring contractors on solar projects, ensuring the correct installation of solar piles according to design specifications.

Atkinson-Clements is currently serving PRI Engineering as a Solar Installation Specialist in Constable, New York, where he is monitoring the installation of ground screws for OYA Solar’s Constable Solar Project. Troubleshooting, reporting, and documenting the foundation and pile installation is the core of his current onsite duties.

We sat down with Clements virtually and asked him some questions about his new job and daily routines*:

Interviewer: Describe your day on site in Constable.

Atkinson-Clements: In general, I get there a quarter to eight with a field book, where I write down what staff is onsite, what they’re doing, and what equipment is out. I’ll then talk to the general contractor and find out what the general direction for that day is. After that, I’ll be out in the field with the rock driller or ground screw installer. I’ll do load tests to check the integrity of ground screws being installed, take pictures, collect data, and generally oversee the pile installation for the whole site. At the end of my day, I submit Quality Assurance (QA) paperwork that includes things like how long the pilot driller was working, how many screws were installed, what the failure rates were, etc. to ultimately track the progress of the project. I also do a weekly report that summarizes everything that I submitted to the P.Eng. during the week.

Interviewer: What are going to be your main responsibilities at PRI Engineering?

Atkinson-Clements: One of the main reasons that I’m here right now [in Constable] is to oversee the project and be hands on, which is what contract administration is all about. The longer-term goal is for me to be doing more project management. The other aspect is with my water and wastewater licensing and inspection background, that’s something that we at PRI may want to start venturing into. Since PRI does a lot of the geotechnical for urban reconstruction projects anyways, having somebody with water licenses and contact admin experiences means that we could start providing more full project cycle services and put a full construction package together with the addition of the background that I bring.

*edited for clarity

Prior to his work with Kawartha Lakes, Atkinson-Clements was with the Clean Water Agency, where his last role was as the Operations and Maintenance Team Lead. It was in this role where he developed his skills and passion for infrastructure design engineering and development engineering. Some of his past projects include full urban road reconstructions that required stringent reporting and oversight comparable to his role at the Constable Solar Project.

Having been involved with projects from $50 thousand to $7 million, Atkinson-Clements will be a valuable addition to the PRI Engineering team to expand our capacity to serve our clients in all of the following areas and more: contract administration, inspection licensing, and solar foundation installation monitoring.